CD Credits


All songs composed and arranged by Steve Grimes
Shaken and Stirred written by Steve Grimes and Rick Ravenscroft
Movin’ To Maui written by Steve Grimes and Mike McKinley
© 2010 Steve Grimes (Lowfat Music) All rights reserved.

Produced by Steve Grimes
Co-produced by Stephen Geyer, Rick Vito, Tom Hall and Phil Deangelis
Musical & Technical Consultant : Walter Becker

This project came together with a lot of help, inspiration and advice from
Elen Gaion. Many thanks to Steve Stusser , Sasha Brusin, Greg Pecknold,
Sal Godinez, Bob Jones, the Mojo Bros. ( Ken Kennell, Cliff Collins, Kerry Sofaly ),
Craig Buhler, Bob Bangerter, Dr. Nat, Kathy Collins and all the great folks at
Mana’o Radio, Barry Shannon, George Benson, Larry Coryell, Mark Ives,
Rick Ravenscroft, the inimitable Mr.Becker, Pat McDaniel, Kimberly Bauer,
Duke Rhoades, Rick Tollefson.

Recorded by: Tom Hall at
Dave Russell at Paia Town Recording
Tom Lelli at A’ala Recording
Mixed by: Milan Bertosa, Tom Hall, Dave Russell and Tom Lelli

CD and booklet covers : Bob Bangerter
Inside cover and booklet : Greg Pecknold

CD Graphic Design & Web Design :
Elen Gaion

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