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This Available Now gallery is an assortment of new and vintage Grimes instruments, dating from my first instrument – a mandolin – in 1974, to several instruments from 2019 and 2020. For more information on an instrument, please inquire.

*The Brazilian rosewood is from a batch of it that luthier Michael Gurian had milled in Brazil in 1967.Gurian used to not only supply his factory with tonewood, but also sold wood to Martin, Guild, Gibson, and many independent luthiers. It was from a group of sets of this Brazilian that he took to his home shop, while the rest of the sets went to his factory. All of the sets taken to his factory (over 3000) went up in smoke when his factory burned down in 1979. Soon after he switched from making guitars to making guitar parts for the industry, and moved to Seattle in 1989. I met him and we became friends and he sold many sets of the old Brazilian sets to me. Today, wood of this character (straight grained, quartersawn) cannot be found at any price

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