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Warranty and Repairs

If at all possible, I prefer to perform repairs on all Grimes instruments. However, unless the instrument is located here on Maui, the high cost of shipping can make this unfeasible in many cases. After 50 years in this profession, I do have a network of fine luthiers that I know and trust, so I feel confident that most repairs can be done close to the owner’s location.  If it’s not someone I know, I like to consult with the luthier first. In the case of repairs that are covered under my  warreanty, I will pay the luthier directly to perform the work.

May repairs are due to normal wear and tear on the instrument. These repairs are not covered under my warranty. Some repairs are due to the instrument being exposed for periods of time in verry dry, or very humid conditions. The damage from these types of climate related issues is also not included in the warranty. These problems with the instrument are usually very easily identifiable as climate related. I try my best to cover damage that could in any possible way be non-related to misuse or climate related isuues, but in most cases, from experience, I can see the results of high or low humidity, or misuse. Each cases will be assessed on an individual basis. Wooden instruments, whether in the case or on display, should be stored in a relative humidity range of 40% – 70%.

The set up of fine adjustments is a very personal preference. The action setting is per the player’s taste, and is determined by how strong the attack is, and how much, if any, string slap (strings slapping the frets when played with force) the player is willing to accommodate. Please do not try to adjust action with the truss rod. The truss rod is there to adjust the shape of the fingerboard to acheive the proper relief for the players choice of string gauge and attack. Action on an acoustic instrument is mainly done by adjusting the saddle height.

I am asked often (at least once a week) to do repairs on other instruments. While I used to do authorized repair work for Martin, Gibson, Fender, and most other manufacturers, I have for many years declined to do repair work due to the backlog I have for my own instruments. In most cases I cannot accommodate requests for instrument repair. I work more than a 40-hour week just to stay current and on-time with the completion date estimates I’ve given customers of my own instruments. I can however, assess the work needed on an instrument, and refer the owner to a competent luthier, either on Maui or other locations. This consulting takes time, and because of the demand, especially locally, I must charge an assessment/appraisal fee of $50/half-hour or fraction thereof.  Please call for an appointment.  808-878-2076


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