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Although guitars have been the focus of my work since the early seventies, mandolins and ukuleles have always had a special place in my heart. I played mandolin and fiddle in  a bluegrass band and fell in love with small string instruments.  The first 40 instruments that I made were mandolins, and I made soprano and tenor ukuleles in the first few years.  Not so well known is the fact that I still make concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles.

Soprano ukulele
German Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood

Concert Ukulele
German Spruce, Brazilian rosewood

Tenor ukulele
Sinker redwood, Brazilian Rosewood

Tenor Ukulele
All Koa

Tenor Ukulele
Redwood, Ziricote

Tenor Double Hole
All Koa

Freehand Model
Koa tenor ukulele

FreeRein Model
Sinker redwood, Brazilian Rosewood

Freehand Model Double Hole

Baritone uke

To hear the tone of an ALL KOA tenor uke, click ” HERE

To see video of redwood top ukulele being played, click ” HERE


(some of the images above are ukuleles with upgraded features. See “CUSTOM OPTIONS” for details):

  • Curly koa top, sides and back
  • Curly walnut top sides and back
  • Curly Big Leaf maple sides and back, with maple, Sitka, Engelmann or Cedar top
  • Indian Rosewood sides and back , with Sitka, Engelmann or Cedar top
  • Graduated and tuned soundboard
  • Honduras mahogany sides and back, with Honduras, Sitka, Engelmann or Cedar top
  • Curly Koa, rosewood, or curly maple bindings with 5-ply wood purflings (top and back)
  • Wood binding on fingerboard
  • Binding + 5-ply purfling on peghead
  • Ebony or Brazilian rosewood tie bridge, pin bridge, or pinless bridge
  • High gloss nitrocellulose lacquer finish, or satin finish
  • High gloss or satin finish on neck
  • Custom neck dimensions
  • Flat, or custom radius fingerboard
  • Gabon or Macassar ebony fingerboard
  • 17” or 19” scale fingerboard
  • Gotoh “UK700” tuners, or Wavery tuners
  • “Grimes” logo, or “Leaf G” logo
  • Ebony, Brazilian rosewood, or rosewood burl peghead veneer
  • Inlaid tail strip
  • One piece Honduras mahogany neck
  • Bone nut
  • Wood rosette with wood purfling
  • Pocketed saddle slot
  • Saddle intonated for customer’s string choice

Soprano or concert ukulele $4000
Concert Ukulele $4400
Tenor ukulele $5400
Tenor Freehand Model $6000
Tenor FreeRein Model $6000
Baritone ukulele $5500
Baritone Freehand Model $6500
Baritone FreeRein Model $7000

(not including standard, custom, or deluxe case)

“Ameritage” Platinum $400
“Ameritage” Silver $340
Crossrock Fiberglas $270
Calton $675
“E STYLE” Mandolin $11,000
“L STYLE” Mandolin $10,000
Ameritage Platinum $450
Ameritage Silver $400


  • European spruce or Carpathian spruce soundboard $100
  • Sinker redwood soundboard $150
  • Figured redwood soundboard $150
  • Ziricote sides and back $400
  • Quilted Big Leaf maple sides and back $200 (with top $300)
  • Curly European maple sides and back $200
  • Cocobolo sides and back $200
  • African Blackwood sides and back $400
  • Master grade 5A curly koa top, sides and back $400
  • Curly Sapele mahogany sides and back $200 (with top $300)
  • Brazilian Kingwood sides and back $400
  • Brazilian Rosewood sides and back * $500 – $3000
  • Limba sides and back $100
  • Gabon ebony sides and back $300
  • Macassar ebony sides and back $300
  • Amazon rosewood sides and back $200
  • Milo (from Queen Emma Estate) top, sides and back  $250
  • Master grade 5A curly walnut top, sides and back $300
  • Madagascar rosewood sides and back $300
  • Curly Cuban mahogany sides and back $300
  • Bloodwood or ebony binding $100
  • Custom rope binding (see photo)   $250
  • Six string (Lili’u) model $300
  • Arm rest bevel $500
  • Cutaway (Venetian) $300
  • Side port (bound) $150
  • Slotted peghead $250
  • Rodgers tuners $550
  • Shertler, Rubner tuners $100
  • Custom fret wire $50
  • Oval rosette (rope) $150
  • Double soundhole $300
  • Custom sunburst entire uke $400 (top only $150)
  • Pickup/electronics inquire
  • Case options inquire

Please feel free to email or call to discuss any custom options, inlay, etc that you may need.
I may also be able to provide valuable information on the effect of various woods on tone.

Ordering & Lead Time:

My lead time for a custom ukulele is approximately 10-12 months. A non refundable deposit of 20% is requested to initiate the order. Upon completion, the balance, plus any local taxes and freight, is due before shipping. A refund – less the original deposit – may be requested within a one month period provided the instrument is in new condition. Refunds will be made within 30 days of receipt of the instrument. Customer pays all shipping charges. For more information on ordering , please see the “Prices, Options and Ordering” page.

These instruments are constructed using the finest tonewoods, with the highly figured top, sides and back being cut from the same board. This gives a perfect visual and tonal match. The woods have been in my shop for at least 10 years. I prefer the appearance and tonal quality of wood binding and purfling, but ivoroid is available upon request.

Scale lengths, nut widths, neck sizes, etc are standard, but customizable. Please inquire.

For an explanation of the double hole soundboard design, click here.

Six of the world’s most distinguished instrument builders have come together to showcase their unique building approaches and to make a lasting difference in the lives of sick children. Each luthier will build a tenor ukulele out of wood sourced from two trees that are legendary among acoustic guitar and ukulele enthusiasts. All of the proceeds from the sale of the instruments will go to benefit The Ukulele Kids club, a 501(c)3 non-profit whose mission is to harness the healing power of music by sending hospitalized children home with the gift of music for life.

The instruments will be displayed at The Ukulele Guild of Hawaii show in November 17-19 (Oahu). Also in November, Hawaii Music Supply (The Ukulele Site and The Ukulele Review) will do a podcast with several musicians playing and discussing the unique aesthetic and tonal aspects of each instrument. Participating Luthiers Steve Grimes John Kinnard Jay Lichty Jake Maclay (Hive Ukuleles) Beau Hannam Joji Yoshida.

Performed by Kalei Gamiao from Hawaii Music Supply

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