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Price List

Jazz Nouveau $9,500
Kula Rose $12,000
Montreux $14,000
Jazz Laureate $17,000
25th Year Anniversary Model* $22,000
35th Year Anniversary Model** $23,000
40th Year Anniversary Model*** $24,000
Bird of Paradise $18,500
Nylon String Arch Top
Bluesette $9,300
Beamer Model Steel String $9,000
Beamer Model Nylon String $9,300
Kaulua Model Steel String $9,000
Kaulua Model Nylon String $9,300
LC model **** Steel String $8,800
LC model **** Nylon String
Parlor Guitar
Freehand Parlor
Freehand Model steel string
Freehand Model nylon string
Freehand Artist Model steel string
Freehand Artist Model nylon string
TKL hardshell $450
Three Ply “Cedar Creek” $650
Five Ply “Cedar Creek” $700
Ameritage “Platinum” [with climate control] $600
Ameritage “Silver” $450
Hoffee Carbon Graphite case $1650
Karura Carbon Fiber case $1400
Karura Basalt Fiber case $1225
Crossrock Fiberglas $550
Crossrock Carbon Fiber $900

Some of the models pictured are deluxe or custom versions of the standard model. For instance fancy fingerboard inlays and abalone trim are custom appointments. Please inquire about standard appointments.

* 1999 was the twenty fifth anniversary of my first arch top guitar. To commemorate this milestone, I designed a 25th Anniversary model arch top guitar. Due to continued interest in this guitar, I have continued to produce this model.

** The 35th Anniversary model is a very organically designed guitar aesthetically. It is available in highly figured Hawaiian koa carved back and sides. Koa imparts a uniquely sweet, woody tone to the guitar. I think of the 400+ archtop guitars I have made, some of the sweetest, clearest sounding instruments have been constructed out of koa.

*** 40th Anniversary Model – This archtop is one that I feel is the pinnacle of my arch top designs. The 40th Anniversary model has an asymmetrical guitar body with the treble-side waist shifted slightly to the tail end. The body has two “soft” points in the upper bout – one on the bass-side cutaway, and one on the treble-side cutaway. Please see the “Pescatore” design in “Limited Editions” for the body outline. Also I have more photos and details about this guitar available on request.

The Anniversary Models are constructed of very select woods that I have collected and saved over the years for the masterpiece guitars. No-charge options include custom “Color-Burst” finish and simple inlay (such as a name). For more information, please inquire. Amertiage Platinum hardshell case included, pickup optional.

**** Designed in collaboration with Larry Coryell.

OPTIONS (All Guitars, Where Applicable)
European, or Red (Adirondack) Spruce Top arch – $400
flat – $200
European Maple Back and Sides $700
Englemann Spruce Top arch – $400
flat – $100
Flamed Koa Soundboard (with matching sides/back) $900
Master Grade Flamed Koa sides and back $500 – $1800
African Blackwood Back and Sides $1500-$2500
Brazilian Rosewood Back and Sides $2000-$8000
Wood purflings and Bindings $300
Abalone Trim $12/inch
Oval Soundhole (Arch Tops, Bird Of Paradise) $400
Deluxe Carved Ebony Tailpiece $400
24.75″, 25″, 25.5″ Scale Length N/C
Custom Neck Width (other than 1 11/16” or 1 3/4”) $200
Rectangular Abalone/Mother of Pearl Fingerboard Inlays $400
Sunburst Finish or Custom Color $750
Waverly Tuners $100
Left Handed Version (all models) $1,000
Twelve String Version (all models) $1,000
Seven String Version (Arch Tops, Bird of Paradise) $2,000
Custom Pickups/Electronics Inquire
Jazz Laureate Model in American Tonewoods $15,500
Montreux Model in American Tonewoods $13,000
Jazz Nouveau Model with Arched Back $10,500
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