25th Anniversary Model

1999 was my 25th year of producing arch top instruments. To commemorate this milestone, I designed a special edition arch top guitar that originally was intended to be a limited edition guitar. The design proved to be popular and so I am still taking orders for this model. Perhaps I should rename it the 30th Anniversary Model??? This guitar features the ultimate in terms of workmanship and materials. Only the most special sets of wood that I have acquired over the years will be used to construct these guitars. Calton case included; pickup optional. Most custom specifications at no charge. Sizes: 16″, 16 1/2″, 17″, 18″. No-charge options include:

1) Custom sunburst finish or tinting in a variety of available shades. Finish pictured is “Light Parchment”.

2) Wood bindings and purflings. Selection includes curly Maple, rosewoods, African Blackwood, Ebony, Bloodwood, and curly Koa. Five ply wood purflings are available with blue, black or green center laminate.

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