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Out of The Woods


Out of the woods, a tune through the trees
A tone from the timbre, a drift in the breeze
The sound of the woods sustains for so long
They say what doesn’t kill you
In the end makes you strong

Out of the wood I hold in my hands

Barry Flanagan of HAPA

Will come songs about lovers
And dreams made of sand
A tune in the making, tall stories to tell
I know some gifted musician
Will tell the tale well

A labor of love I held for so long
That melody now is another man’s song
This wood and steel can play the blues
That now I feel I’m lucky to lose

They say wood has a memory
It will soften and bend
And teaches a lesson I learned in the end
No need to hold on to a single regret
I’ve got things to remember
And things to forget

You can’t unbreak what’s broken
Or roll back the years
You can’t unsay what’s spoken, or uncry a tear
And my eyes now open, it all seems so clear
I see the thick and thin I was in, slowly disappear

Steve Grimes

I’m lucky to love what I held for so long
That melody now is another man’s song
She’s rosewood and steel, maple and spruce
These blues I feel, I’m lucky to lose

I’m out of the woods, I stand in the clear
When the melody changes, I’ll play it by ear
They tell you never look back
But one thing I know
The memories follow wherever I go.

lead acoustic guitar : Barry Flanagan
drums, percussion, 60 grit sandpaper : Paul Marchetti
bass : Bob Harrison
harmony vocal : Caley Conway
acoustic 6 and 12 string guitars, mandolin, vocal : Steve Grimes

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