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Over The Waves



Barry Shannon

He was a radio man
And he could talk the talk
But with a dream and little more
He surely walked the walk

He had a plan he had a vision
Of sending music everywhere
This man was truly on a mission
And he put magic in the air

A million tales and vivid stories
Mana’o that he freely gave
And an endless repertory
Beaming over the waves

He was a virtual musician
And the muse was in his heart
To the end a true magician
And the airwaves was his art

Norton Buffalo

The rhythm inside is quiet now
But the beat goes on
And still somehow
His signal is strong
And the song goes on and on
Over the waves
Over the waves

You hear a lot of people talking

Rob Ickes – 9 time national dobro champ

About the things they’re gonna do
And their grandiose ambitions
After their deal goes through

But the radio man
Could make a dream come true
He got the ship to come in
Before his show was through

Now he’s sailing calmer waters
Broadcasting on another phase
I think I hear familiar sounds
Coming over the waves

harmonica : Norton Buffalo
dobro : Rob Ickes
drums : Kerry Sofaly
bass : Cliff Collins
acoustic guitar : Ken Kennell
harmony vocal : Caley Conway
electric guitar, vocal : Steve Grimes

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