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Movin’ to Maui


Bob Jones

We’re gonna move over to Maui
Buy some land next door to you
You know we’re movin’ to Maui
Buy that lot next door to you
We’ll cut down all those big trees
Because they just obstruct our view

You know we’re movin’ upcountry
And buy ten acres next to you
We’re gonna move on up to Kula
Build our McMansion next to you
We’ll make it look like California
By the time we get through

My wife just got her license
To sell your real estate
And we got tons of money
So we can hardly wait

Till we move to Makena
And make some money off your land
We’re gonna a make a dollar profit
For every single grain of sand

Tim Hackbarth

You know it just might take some time
To let these people know
That they got something special
But they’re moving way too slow

That’s why we’re movin’ to Lahaina
Make it look like Neverland
We’re gonna sell it two years later
And make a quick nine hundred grand

Yeah we’re moving to your hood
A little change is overdue
The bank account is looking good
We’re buying up the avenue
If you don’t like our way of living
Then you know what you should do

drums, lead vocal, Telecaster guitar :Bob Jones
bass : Tim Hackbarth
organ : Gilbert Emata
electric guitar : Steve Grimes

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