Song writing : ‘Slow Down’

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Slow down



Note to self
A little tip for you and nobody else
Don’t be surprised to see it all
Slipping away, day by day
You know it but you let it go anyway

Look around
Check inside your mind’s lost and found
Find the reminder that you left there, somewhere
Back when you lived without a care

Slow down
Don’t be in such a hurry for the sundown
There’s no need to worry ‘bout the rat race
And the breakneck pace
This world is spinning round
Hold on, take a little time before it’s all gone
Live it like today could be the last one
Just hold on
Till everything is said and done

Look around
You might be moving fast but you lost ground
Burning through your life in the fast lane
You know it’s such a shame
When you finally realize that it’s a losing game

Bob Harrison

Note to self
Got a little favor to ask of you
Don’t let the time still in front of you, turn into
All the things you think that you got to do

Hold back
You got the pedal to the metal in the fast track
You try to get it back but it’s long gone
Say so long
You can’t keep on like you been keepin’ on

Paul Marchetti

electric piano, organ : Gilbert Emata
drums :
Paul Marchetti
bass :
Bob Harrison
tenor sax
: John Zangrando
background vocals
: Cliff Collins, Caley Conway
electric guitar, vocal
: Steve Grimes