March 2011



Public Radio Exchange/”In Search Of A Song” song contest winner: Steve Grimes


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Songwriter and guitarmaker Steve Grimes releases his new CD of 13 original songs, entitled “Labor Of Love”.

L.O.L.” chronicles and showcases the last decade of Grimes’ original song compositions.  This exciting new release, comprised of thirteen original songs, is an ensemble of genres from blues to bossa nova, from folk to funk. “LOL” takes the listener on an eclectic musical journey through the wit, grit, humorous “notes to self”  and other personal belongings that end up in the lost and found of the Grimes mind.

Labor of Love is a cool and passionate soundtrack for a wild musical ride through New Orleans, Brazil, Maui, and the dark side of the moon”, says Barry Flanagan,  of HAPA.

Album art design: Elen Gaion

A guitarist since the age of  13,  Steve composed songs well before he ever dreamed of actually making a musical instrument. In 1974 Steve became obsessed with the study and art of lutherie (instrument making) and knew he had found the career “love of his life”.  Since then he has dedicated his life to creating and crafting one of the world’s most respected lines of guitars, ukuleles and mandolins. The brand name “Grimes” is recognized internationally by connoisseurs of  fine guitars and synonymous with the highest quality instruments.  Some of the top players on the planet play custom instruments from his Kula, Maui shop.  (visit

The turn of this new century  was also a turning point for Steve in his musical endeavors, as he immersed himself once again in his other passion, song writing. 2009’s  release “Mojo Gumbo” included nine of Steve’s originals.

On “LOL” , Steve enlists the services of some world class musicians: Pat Simmons of the Grammy Award winning Doobie Brothers, legendary jazz guitarist Larry Coryell, the great harmonica player Norton Buffalo of The Steve Miller Band fame,  national dobro champion Rob Ickes, Barry Flanagan of HAPA, Jon Cleary and Hutch Hutchinson, both of Bonnie Raitt’s band and Rick Vito of Fleetwood Mac, and the Mick Fleetwood Blues Band.

With solid backing by some of Maui’s top players including Sal Godinez, Bob Harrison, David Choy, Paul Marchetti, Mike Buono,  Bob Jones, Gilbert Emata, and more,  Steve still manages to keep it sounding like – well, like Steve Grimes. He is, after all, an original.

This CD is dedicated to Norton Buffalo, who graced two tracks before moving on.

Norton and Steve

15 Responses to “COMMENTS”

  1. Raja Washington Roger Sussman) says:

    This is a great album. I am loving it!!! And that party at Stella Blues sounds like it would have been off the charts great, too!!! ALOHA!!!

  2. RadioIndy says:

    Dear Steve Grimes,
    We checked out your new CD. We would like to promote it. Please check out our promotional opportunities at
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    Whatever you decide, best of luck with your new CD.
    Manny and Greg

  3. Tom Lelli says:

    Great CD Steve!

    Thanks for letting me have a part in helping to make it. I enjoyed the session we had very much and look forward to recording with you again.

    Aloha Tom Lelli

  4. Donley Smith says:

    I love this record. Do more.

  5. Michelle Steuermann says:

    Bought this at Casanova’s last week and absolutely love it! My two favorites are “Movin’ To Maui” and “Perfect Stranger”. Going to buy more, for gifts!

  6. “PERFECT STRANGER” is a hit song. Get it out there…listening to the amazing harmonica solo…I realized “that’s gotta be Norton”…Norton Buffalo played on my very first studio demo with Robben Ford, Jimmy Haslip, Nicky Hopkins et al…(what a blessing and unforgettable beginning) Hearing Norton after the music world just losing him so recently was…just an indescribable gift to my heart…he was a great soul and talent and so are you, Steve. Great respect and aloha.

  7. George Winiarski says:

    Hey Steve,

    Just received a copy of “LOL” from my mother, mailed to us here in Malaysia. I usually enjoy 3 or 4 songs off a new CD, but this complete album is a joy to experience, with each cut sending surprise after surprise with a tasteful touch that only a lifetime of work can achieve. Thank You!

    With Aloha,
    George and Naomi

  8. Rusty Luthe says:

    Love it!!!!! Great lyrics and terrific playing. Thanks for putting this out for the universe to hear.

    Rusty and Beth

  9. Milton Lau says:

    Aloha Steve,

    Got your promo cd for the Hoku Awards and listend to it twice. Awesome !!
    Loved it. Crazy Good!

    I’ll be voting for your album.

    Milton Lau
    Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar Festivals
    Maui_Oahu_Hawaii_Kauai_The World

  10. “A Labor of Love” is well-brewed music. Firstly, every song is brilliantly written from the poetic and thought-provoking lyrics to the harmony and song structure. It is a cd which features Steve Grimes seasoned vocals and tasty guitar work…literally a labor of love… in more ways than one. The guest musicians on the cd are a decadent icing on a cake of total acoustic yumminess!
    Dr. Nat

  11. Sasha says:

    Hi Steve,

    Just wanted to congratulate you on winning the Public Radio Exchange/”In Search Of A Song” for Perfect Stranger (my personal favorite on Labor of Love)!!!
    Best Regards,

  12. Hey there, please tell us when we will see a follow up!

  13. Bill Moio says:

    Nice collections of songs! I enjoyed the whole CD. The players are great. The tunes and the guitars sound fantastic…The slide player really added a lot. I very much enjoyed the lyrics on the tunes.

  14. Pali Kaaihue says:

    I just got this CD and LOVE IT! Love the groove, vibe, arrangements and tunes (I’m a big Steely Dan fan amongst other groups).

  15. Alicia says:

    This CD is fantastic. I’ve listened to it 3 times and carefully read the liner notes. Grimes is such a gifted lyricist, and has a wide dramatic range (and a series of characters!) in a very good singing voice. I like all of the songs and eclectic styles in the CD. I also appreciated the production values in this recording, the graphics and liner notes, and, of course, all the great guitar playing. Really a superior package, altogether. “Labor of Love’s” has a blend of political and economic outrage, relationship songs (happy and otherwise), humor, philosophical musings and spiritual uplifting.