Sasha Brusin


“Willow Weep for Me” Sasha Brusin  TRANSPORT (Custom Hollow Body)

Patrick Simmons

“Sibling Rivalry”, Doobie Brothers, 2000. (Beamer model, tracks 2,3,11,13)

Steve Sano


Manoa  played on a Beamer Steel String

Kenny Loggins

“Leap of Faith,” 1991. (Montreux, Kula Rose Models)

Bob Bangerter


Prelude To A Kiss (1st 3 min) played on a  17″ Montreux


Moon River (1st two min) played on a 18″ Jazz Laureate

Barry Flanagan (Kaulua)


Nani Polipoli

“Insrumental Peace” 2002 – Nani Polipoli


“Kaulua,” 1994. (Kaulua Models)

“In the Name of Love,” 1997. (Kaulua Models)

“Namahana.” 1999 (Kaulua Models)

Doobie Brothers


Five Corners (1st. min.) Pat Simmons – The Doobie Brothers Played on a Beamer

Larry Coryell

      Sonny Moon For Two

played on a 18″ Jazz Laureate


“Three Guitars” 2003 (“LC Model”)

“Private Concert”. 1998 (Laureate Model – recorded with mic only) Liner notes specify six tracks.

“The Coryells” 2000, Coryell Model (GLC) recorded w/ mics. Larry’s guitar is recorded in left speaker on all tracks.

Voodoo Crossing: A Tribute To Jimi Henfrix” 2003 (LC Model)

Keola Beamer

      Ku'u Home O Kahalu'u

Played on the Beamer Steel String

      Roselani Blossoms

Played on a Beamer Steel String

“Wooden Boat,” 1993. (Beamer models)

“Moe’uhane Kika, Tales from the Dream Guitar,” 1995. (Beamer models)

“Mauna Kea, White Mountain Journal,” 1997. Features Beamer steel and classic (Nylon) models. Listen to the cuts ‘Pupu Hinahina’ and ‘Sweet Lei Mamo.’

“Kolonahe, From the Gentle Wind,” 1999 (Beamer steel and nylon models)

“Island Born” 2001 (Beamer steel and nylon models)

“Soliloquy” 2002 (Beamer steel and nylon models)

“Mohala Hou, Music Of The Hawaiian Renaissance” 2003