Freehand Artist

The Freehand Artist Model is an asymmetrical shaped flat top guitar, with the most select tonewoods available. The woods selected for this special model are the best of the best of my selected tonewoods for the past forty years. My choices for this guitar are master grade Carpathian Spruce and Brazilian Rosewood. Other woods for the top and the back/sides are also an option, such as Redwood, Cedar, African Blackwood, Cocobolo, curly German Maple, and Ziricote to name a few.
The asymmetric shape does not enhance or detract from the guitar’s tonality, but has a more comfortable and balanced feel. Slotted peghead, or solid peghead. A very thin border of ripple Green abalone trim around the body, soundhole, fingerboard and peghead is an option.
Available in all sizes, from “O” size to 16” body size.. Custom scale length, neck dimensions.

One Grand