serial #1053 Built in 2023. $7200 – SOLD

Curly Milo wood top, sides and back. This wood was sawn several years ago from a Milo tree that fell on the grounds of the summer estate of Queen Emma [queen of Hawaii Kingdom from 1856 – 1863]. I did a portrait of her in fossilized ivory inlaid on the peghead. Milo is a dense hardwood with exceptional tonal properties. It has very pure, round tone, with more volume than most koas I’ve used.
The fingerboard, and bridge are ebony. Peghead veneer is Milo, the neck is Toon mahogany. The body, soundhole fingerboard and peghead of the uke are trimmed in thin (1/32″ wide) green ripple abalone purfling, with curly koa bindings.

Scale: 17″
Gotoh UK700 gold tuners.
Crossrock fiberglas case. Other cases available

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