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Timeless Love



So easy to touch love
And so hard to hold love
Promises made of
Things better left untold

How could you not see
The way that you owned me
A heart from the start
For you and you only

Why we wander on
Hunting for a heart
A thousand miles gone
But only an inch apart
From timeless love

How empty the night is
Somehow I still hear you
The whisper you made
Your breath in my ear

I’m here but I’m there
So far but I’m near you
Close as the clothes you wear
A heart near enough to hear

Paul Marchetti

And it’s just a simple man
Still as the northern star
No complicated plan
And little to understand
Than timeless love

The things you would see
If you could see through me
The things you would know love
If you only knew me.

Percussion: Paul Marchetti
Acoustic guitar and nylon guitar, bass: Steve Grimes

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