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To hear the tone of an ALL KOA tenor uke, click " HERE "

To see video of redwood top ukulele being played, click " HERE "



Although guitars have been the focus of my work since the early seventies, mandolins and ukuleles have always had a special place in my heart. I played mandolin and fiddle in  a bluegrass band and fell in love with small string instruments.  The first 40 instruments that I made were mandolins, and I made soprano and tenor ukuleles in the first few years.  Not so well known is the fact that I still make concert, tenor and baritone ukuleles.


Grimes Concert Ukulele

Grimes Concert Ukulele

Ziricote back and sides, redwood top.
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Grimes Concert Ukulele


Grimes Concert Ukulele Wood binding/purfling on top AND back (maple, rosewood or koa)
Grimes Concert Ukulele Wood binding on fingerboard
Grimes Concert Ukulele "Rope" purfling on top and soundhole (if requested)
Grimes Concert Ukulele Round or oval soundhole, or double soundholes
Grimes Concert Ukulele Matched tonewood set (top, sides & back)
Grimes Concert Ukulele One piece neck(no laminations) Honduras mahogany
Grimes Concert Ukulele Tuned soundboard
Grimes Concert Ukulele Binding and purfling on peghead
Grimes Concert Ukulele Inlaid tail strip
Grimes Concert Ukulele Inlaid center strip on back - if requested
Grimes Concert Ukulele Bookmatched soundboard
Grimes Concert Ukulele Bone nut
Grimes Concert Ukulele Inlaid wood rosette with wood purfling
Grimes Concert Ukulele Inlaid tie-block on bridge similar to classic guitar
Grimes Concert Ukulele Pocketed saddle slot for extra strength
Grimes Concert Ukulele Saddle intonated for customer’s strings

2016, Jake Shimabukuro New UkE
Jake Shimabukuro and his new uke, July 2016.

Custom ukuleles are available for commission at Grimes Guitars, with an estimated delivery time of 8 to 10 months. There are many ukulele models and options available (tenor, concert, single soundhole, double soundhole, tonewoods, etc), with prices too numerous to list here. Please inquire about models, options and pricing. A limited selection of premium model Grimes ukuleles are also immediately available at Grimes Guitars, and also at Hawaii Music Supply:

These instruments are constructed using the finest tonewoods, with the highly figured top, sides and back being cut from the same board. This gives a perfect visual and tonal match. The woods have been in my shop for at least 10 years. I prefer the appearance and tonal quality of wood binding and purfling, but ivoroid is available upon request.

Scale lengths, nut widths, neck sizes, etc are standard, but customizable. Please inquire.

For an explanation of the double hole soundboard design, click here.

To see my "Soon To Be Available Ukuleles" please click here.

Grimes Custom Ukulele

Performed by Kalei Gamiao.


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