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That’s News To Me


Craig Buhler on saxes, Ken Kennell on guitar

There’s a whole lot of hype going down
It’s all that you hear
If you experience elections
Lasting longer than four years(call the dr.)
It’s all a media frenzy
Enough to bring you to tears
They’ll mess with your mind
And play on your fears

There’s rumors flying, gossip and lying
The news is just show time
OJ’s in the big house
Doing time for the crime
They got Tiger up a tree
And the party’s just begun
Give the world a sneaky peek
Make a fool of anyone

They call that news
But its a river of blues
I can’t handle more scandal
I think I’m about to blow a fuse
I don’t buy much of what I hear
Or what I read
‘Cause if that’s news
Well that’s news to me

Rick Vito

Everywhere you turn
There’s Jesse and Reverend Al
They got a smidgen of religion
They’re way holier than thou
The reverends Swaggert and Haggard
With their private girls and boys
Warren Jeff’s got ten wives
It’s all a bunch of noise

They’re just virtue vendors, soul menders
You’re damned if you don’t or you do
Its all a magic act, and the cards are stacked
However you play you lose
It’s all pulp in the papers, and tabloid TV
It’s all spurious spin, and pablum to me

That’s not news
They’re just streaming the blues
If you tune it all out
Boy you got nothing to lose
It’s got little to do with reality
‘Cause if that’s news, well that’s news to me

Don’t want to stay at the Paris Hilton,
Or the Brittany Hotel
Don’t want to hear a litany
Of all the latest kiss and tell
Publicity hounds
Making the rounds on TV
Dress it up as the news
It’s still a pig to me

I need some true news
Not a river of blues
Give me something real
Something I can use
He said mission accomplished
Fait accompli
But if that’s news
Well that’s news to me

timbales : Paul Marchetti
: Craig Buhler
percussion and drum loops
: Herb Fernandez
: Mike Buono
: Kerry Sofaly
slide guitar
: Rick Vito
high vocal
: Tom Hall
guitars, bass, vocals
: Steve Grimes

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