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What They Say


Jon Cleary

They say the bird’s in the hand
And the cat’s in the bag
They say that when he’s away
The mice gonna play

And every dog has his day
Just let the sleeping ones lie
He’s all bark and no bite
But once bitten twice shy

They say a fool and his money
Like castles made of sand
In the land of milk and honey
Do or don’t you’ll be damned

They say the best things are free
And what will be is gonna be
Love can’t be bought can’t be sold
Just ‘cause it glitters it ain’t gold

Rick Vito

They say true love’s hard to find
So make hay when it shines
And when the blind lead the blind
Out of sight out of mind

They say you are what you are
Hey, you can’t win them all
They say the higher you are
The harder you fall

What it is, what they say
Who is they, anyway
Better to live for today
Than to die by cliche

If you’re down, with the spin
Then you’ll never win
So don’t care, what they say
You got to play your own way

They say all in love is fair
And lightning never strikes twice
Don’t take a eye for an eye
Two wrongs don’t make a right

They say the luck of the draw
Like a roll of the dice
They say crime doesn’t pay
Though every man has his price

They tell you never say die
Until your well runs dry
I’ll live to see another day
Before the sweet bye and bye

slide guitar : Rick Vito
acoustic piano : Jon Cleary
bass : Hutch Hutchinson
drums : Josh Greenbaum
electric guitar, vocal : Steve Grimes

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