Song writing : ‘I’m Dying To know’

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I’m Dying to Know


Rick Vito – Hapa model guitar

I’m dying to know
The reason for life
A meaning for all
The struggle and strife
I’m dying to know
If there’s life after death
If the party goes on
When I breathe my last breath

And god only knows
But I’m dying to ask
If I can’t I take it with me
Can I make it last ?
They say the minute you’re born
That’s when you start dying
So I’m gonna live now
Or I’m gonna die trying

I’m dying to know
Will I pay when I go
For flying too high
For living too low
Can’t figure it out
For the life of me
But I’m dying to know
I’m dying to know

I’m dying to know, about reincarnation
They say we evolve, the next time around
But it’s hard to come back
From eternal damnation
If hell is your home, when you’re down
You re down

Where is the answer
Why can’t I see
The question to be
Or not to be
Why, where and when
And how will I go
For the life of me
I’m dying to know

Ashes to ashes
It’s dust to dust
I’ll pay when it’s over
Pay if I must
No time for faith
And too late for trust
Ah, what the hell

Late last night in a dream I was flying
Took a red eye flight, and flew out of my bed
Easy as a breeze, this thing called dying
Not a care in the world if I wake up dead

But before I go I’m dying to see
A miracle or two appear to me
They say have faith and try not to think
We all believe in something
I believe I’ll have another drink

electric guitar, acoustic guitar : Rick Vito
drums : Mike Buono
bass : Bob Harrison
organ : Gilbert Emata
acoustic guitar, vocal : Steve Grimes