Song writing : ‘One of These Days’

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One of These Days


Rick Tollefson

It doesn’t seem real
It doesn’t seem right
Something so big
Could slip right out of sight
A redwood in the wind
That stood so tall
So straight and strong
We thought you’d never fall

You can’t stop the storm
Or keep the thunder away
Can’t roll back the night
Can’t slow the break of day
So easy to say
There weren’t enough years

Steve Stusser

So hard to forget
All the laughter and tears

One of these days
Who knows where, who knows when
One of these days
We’ll play those songs again
We’ll be there of that you can be sure
We’ll be knocking at your door
One of these days

And you lived and loved in a big way
And you played that beat in a big way
And we’ll miss you – in a big way

Kerry Sofaly

A heart so big
Like a man and a half
A smile like lightning
And a thundering laugh
Like seeds of the weeds
Lost in the wind
Somewhere sometime
We’ll find you again

acoustic lead guitar : Steve Stusser
drums : Kerry Sofaly
percussion : Paul Marchetti
bass : Bob Harrison
electric and nylon string guitars, vocal : Steve Grimes